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Original OMFG illustration

Image of Original OMFG illustration

$20.00 - On Sale

OMFG! illustrations by yours truly, done on 8x10 cold-press watercolor board in pen, marker, and watercolor. A couple of them have some details done in colored pencil and acrylic paint. Each is it's own unique piece of art, and each one is signed in pencil on the back. I designed them so that they will look boss in a frame, with no elements touching or coming too close to the edge. These are not made to order, this is a run of 9 pieces that won't be re created.
I wanted to do this to celebrate our success in producing this toy line. It's my way of saying thank you to everybody. I had fun and learned a lot doing these, and I hope you guys like them. Each one is $25 + shipping and handling. Make sure you specify the item number (viewable here) :