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Marbled Keshi Fort Sorrow: The Complete Saga (rubber) 1

Image of Marbled Keshi Fort Sorrow: The Complete Saga (rubber) 1


The Realms of Adventure series continues with Fort Sorrow: The Complete Saga, a 5 piece marbled rubber “Dis-Play set” collecting all 3 chapters of this fun series into one modular and playable action scenario and mini-figure display!!

Fort Sorrow: The Complete Saga Display-set stands at 4.5 inches tall and includes (x1) .75 inch tall Summoner micro figure, (x1) 1.75 inch Hunger mini-figure and (x1) 6x4 inch base component, compatible with all Fort Sorrow accessories, all bagged in a collector-friendly resealable bag with header card. Also included is a 3 piece Fort Sorrow sticker pack and turboPISTOLA 4x6 art print!

chapter 1: The Summoner
Fort Sorrow has fallen to the mysterious being known as the Summoner! This once beautiful tower has been taken over by his evil energy, and what happens next remains to be seen ...

chapter 2: The Servant and The Portal
With the help of his pathetic and sickly servant, the wicked Summoner has opened a portal to the other world! What will he summon?

chapter 3: The Hunger
From the portal emerges The Hunger, a foul beast set upon devouring the world! There is no tomorrow at Fort Sorrow.


Fort Sorrow, the adventure continues with you!!

Design, sculpt and production by turboPISTOLA.

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